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ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo

Memory Shape with Realistic Ejaculation for Maximum Pleasure!!

  • Realistic looking penis
  • Realistic ejaculation function
  • CumsulesTM contain popular flavors that are 100% safe and tested
  • Utilizes 'memory shape' technology to create the perfect angles
  • Easy to clean
ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo

The Only Ejaculating Dildo in the WORLD!!

ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo 
"This is the best dildo I have ever used!  I love the way the dildo changes and forms to my body, and the feeling when it ejaculates inside me brings me to a hard and long climax every time!"
- Angie, Austin, TX
ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo 
"My boyfriend bought this for me, and it sat in the nightstand for months.  On a boring evening, I tried it out.  I AM HOOKED!!  If my boyfriend knew how much more time I was spending with The Ejaxxulator when he is not around, he would be jealous!"
- Lori, Lexington, KY
ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo         ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo

Buy your own Ejaxxulator TODAY, and have a great time tomorrow!

Each Ejaxxulator comes with 3 Cumsules

The Ejaxxulator is available ONLY on this website.  It is not available in stores.  To purchase, click on the BUY NOW link and you will be transferred to our secure online server.

The Ejaxxulator
with 3 Cumsules
3 Cumsules
(refill package Vanilla)

ejaculating dildo, realistic dildo
realistic ejaculating dildo 

realistic ejaculating dildo

realistic ejaculating dildo


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